Who Are We?

GK Alliance, LLC is a full-service company which provides the intellectual capital that helps a start-up or emerging company get to the next level. Our “sweat” equity helps create a strong infrastructure that allows a business to thrive and build upon. We isolate the key questions a business must ask to focus its efforts in the right direction. Then we find solutions to these questions and help drive the team towards its goal.

GK Alliance is made up of two principal partners.

Doug Glanville
Mr. Glanville serves as president of GK Alliance, LLC. He is responsible for seeking and promoting new
business initiatives. Mr. Glanville has a B.S.E. in Systems Science and Engineering and serves of the Board of Overseers for the School of Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.
Contact Us
Gk Alliance, LLC
22W580 Poss Street
Glen Ellyn, IL. 60137
(630) 433-6481
(866) 557-0172 fax

Ahmad Assad Koshul CFO/COO
Mr. Koshul serves as head of finance and operations. He is responsible for handling all day to day
procedural and policy-oriented decision making. Mr. Koshul is a Certified Public Accountant by trade.
Contact Us
Gk Alliance, LLC
22W580 Poss Street
Glen Ellyn, IL. 60137
(630) 433-6481
(866) 557-0172 fax

What Do We Do?

We offer the following services for our clients.

Solidify core support systems

In the early stages of a company’s development, many business owners are overwhelmed with putting an infrastructure in place as opportunity is growing. We help with basic support services in accounting, team building, and administrative assistance.

Maximize web presence and internet

We work in tandem with a full scale web development company in Mechtechnologies, LLC. All web services needed for a company to establish a powerful presence on the internet can be accessed through our company and its contacts. www.mechtechnologies.com

Design logo and branding to express
a consistent and strong message

Through our web development services, we can help bring out a brand that represents your company’s strong points. This can be achieved from logo design, letterheads, and any other medium where your brand can have an impact.

Expand network and company out-

We have long arms in various industries that range from international business to professional sports. Our relationships
will help connect your business with the right contact points across an array of disciplines.

Establish a footprint in emerging

These days, any business that wants to survive, needs to adapt and be aware of emerging trends. We help your business identify these trends and create a plan to stay ahead of the curve.

Where Do We Perform Our

GK Alliance, LLC is based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois; however our opportunities have taken us to various locations. We have expanded by collaborating with companies that not only have a presence here in the United States, but those which have a vision in emerging international markets.

How Do We Operate and Choose Our Partnerships We Do?

We have a screening process that helps us find the right match for collaboration. In general, we look for the following key ingredients.

Passion for Field

We look for an opportunity where passion is backbone of the connection.


We look for an opportunity where part of the business practice is to give back to the community.

Opportunity to invest and buy

We look an opportunity which is open to building a partnership in spirit and in practice. Therefore we both can share in the experience.

Opportunity for Growth

We look for an opportunity that has something of value that can grow in an international world with a complex market space.


We look for a company this is not afraid to try a new direction in the face of comfort.

When Did We Get Started?

GK Alliance, LLC was formed in October of 2006 as a real estate developer for a fleet of homes in the Chicagoland area. This experience led to new opportunities in web development, diversity training, and franchising. As a result, we found our strength in analyzing business models and systems. From there, we developed a methodology that we believe can help any business be successful.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

  • To become the premier full-service consulting company that helps small and up and coming companies develop a strong infrastructure.
  • To tackle emerging international markets and help create more opportunity “flexibility” in our partnerships.
  • To bring some international opportunities that have little presence in the US, back to the United States as a partnership and thereby help with job creation. Turn outsource into insource.
  • To create a consulting model than can easily translate into helping disadvantaged communities worldwide by ultimately providing free or heavily discounted internet start-up services.